I've been up all night, you've been puttin'up a fight.
Seems like nothing' I say gets through.
How did this old bed fit a world between me and you.
We said goodnight but the silence was so thick
You could cut it with a knife.
We've hit the wall again and there's nothin' I can do.
You're the one, yea, I've put all my trust in your hands.
C'mon and look in my eyes, here I am, here I am

You don't understand me, my baby.
You don't seem to know that I need you so much.
You don't understand me, my feelings,
The reason I'm breathin', my love

The mornin' comes and you're reaching out for me
Just like everything's the same
And I let myself believe things are gonna change.
When you kiss my mouth and you hold my body close,
Do you wonder who's inside?
Maybe there's no way we could feel each other's pain.
Tell me why it gets harder to know where I stand.
I guess loneliness found a new friend, here I am

You dont understand me...

(bra låt...)

Skrivet av: josefin

hej sofie nu är jag med en kompis som heter bianca och vi byger halsband kramar josefin

2007-07-09 @ 16:26:40
Skrivet av: Caroline

Hmmm... vilken funderare jag fick.....????

2007-07-09 @ 21:54:41
URL: http://carolinehulinder.blogg.se
Skrivet av: sofie

Fick du? =) En av roxettes gamla låtar ;-)

2007-07-09 @ 22:05:54
URL: http://sgradin.blogg.se

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